Bumbling Brees – Private Eye Issue 1493


Spin vs Truth

My word, Private Eye has upped it’s game this week… in the second blistering piece on online muppetry (after the article about Mark Watts) they’ve followed up on a previous article about ex-BBC and ITV journalist (and Jon Wedger’s chosen mouthpiece of the moment), Anna Brees.

source: Private Eye Issue 1493

Strangely enough, Brees seems to have gone all coy about the claims of Mike Tarraga in the “Brees Media” publication, Meat Rack Boy, after Private Eye had previously highlighted some inconsistencies in the reporting.

The latest sting on Brees includes some other rather odd revelations about her conduct, belief in the “Illuminati” etc and it would appear Brees has gone full “Dan Brown”. Should we be expecting Jon Wedger revealing the body of Mary Magdalene next?

In a similar vein, Hoaxtead Research recently published an article about Wedger’s contacting another conspiracy theorist obsessive, Wilfred Wong and having a chat…

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